Thursday, July 17, 2008


PHOTOS -before and after Re-Grouting of a Shower wall

Signs of Grout Problems:
* Missing Grout between tiles
* Moldy Grout
* Wet walls outside of tub/shower
* Water marks on the ceiling in the room below
* Loose tiles

Why Re-Grout?
A sure sign that you are in need of re-grouting will be the cracked, missing or mildewed grout you presently have. Hopelessly stained, missing or crumbling grout between tiles not only looks bad, but can allow water to accumulate and damage the tile substrate. Mold and mildew attaches to grout because it is a porous surface, staying continually wet. Mildew is usually black but can appear red, pink or green. Re-grouting and sealing the new grout will help prevent water penetration and staining. This also extends the life of the grout.

Grout Coloring

When grout has been stained and discolored to the point that it cannot be maintained or returned to its natural color, give us a call. We can restore existing grout, that is in good condition, back to its original color or any other color through a grout staining process. Restore discolored grout, even change dark colors to light. Many colors to choose from. Grout Staining will protect, waterproof, and repel stains too. This is an easy, inexpensive way to renew old grout without having to cutout and replace it. Prior to staining, we thoroughly clean the tile and grout to remove any dirt, oils, grease or sealers.

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