Monday, February 8, 2010

Why Clean and Seal Your Tile Floor?

Tile floors develop traffic patterns in the grout joints, similar to pathways on a carpet. Once the floor has been cleaned and rinsed, a clear, penetrating sealer is applied to protect grout joints from future discoloration without changing the appearance. This also extends the life of the grout.

New Homeowners:
Did you just purchase a home that was previously lived in? You will probably clean the oven, refrigerator, carpets and apply a fresh coat of paint, but what about the germs that are harboring in the grout lines, or on the tiles in your shower? Is there existing mold and mildew or soap-film?
New Homeowners who have just purchased their home, should consider cleaning and re-grouting their tubs & shower walls, coloring and sealing floor grout.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Calvert-Butnett Hospice House

Designs by Golden and DalTile donated all of the tile and labor for the Burnett-Calvert Hospice House, Prince Frederick, MD.    A true labor of love.

Tile Installation at Burnett-Calvert Hospice House
  • Entry Foyer
  • Main Level Hall/Reception Area
  • Main Level Guest Powder Room
  • Staff Bathroom
  • Main Level Kitchen
  • Main Level Storage/Pantry
  • Main Level Laundry Room
  • 6 Guest/Patient Bathrooms
  • Lower Level Reception Area
  • 2 Lower Level Bathrooms—Women’s & Men’s
  • Lower Level Kitchen

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tile Care Do's & Don'ts

Do not use cleansers containing acid or bleach for routine maintenance.

Do not use wax cleaners, oil based detergents or sealers to maintain your tile. (sealers may be used on grout joints and natural stone.) Swiffer wet cleaners are not recommended.

Do not use AMMONIA or VINEGAR - they will discolor the grout.

Do not use harsh cleaning aids like steel wool pads or scouring pads containing metals.

Do not use a cleaning agent that contains color on unglazed ceramic tile or natural stone.

Do not wash down your tiles with the same dirty water you washed your dishes with. You will be putting food and grease stains into the grout. Always use a clean cloth with clean soap and water.

Do not apply sealers on the tile or stone. Grout sealers are for Grout only!

Do have your grout sealed.

Do test scouring powders on a small area first (not recommended for natural stone).

Do have any damaged or broken tiles removed and replaced only by a qualified contractor.

Do notice the condition of your grout & caulk. Attend to any openings immediately

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Power Cleaning WITHOUT Chemicals!

Steam Vapor Cleaning is the perfect cleaning solution for those that are concerned about allergies, asthma, or just don't want to be exposed to harmful chemicals. We also use other power buffing tools that can leave your tile and grout in like new condition. Once cleaned we can seal your grout making it resistant to dirt and liquids helping to keep it clean and new looking for years to come!


PHOTOS -before and after Re-Grouting of a Shower wall

Signs of Grout Problems:
* Missing Grout between tiles
* Moldy Grout
* Wet walls outside of tub/shower
* Water marks on the ceiling in the room below
* Loose tiles

Why Re-Grout?
A sure sign that you are in need of re-grouting will be the cracked, missing or mildewed grout you presently have. Hopelessly stained, missing or crumbling grout between tiles not only looks bad, but can allow water to accumulate and damage the tile substrate. Mold and mildew attaches to grout because it is a porous surface, staying continually wet. Mildew is usually black but can appear red, pink or green. Re-grouting and sealing the new grout will help prevent water penetration and staining. This also extends the life of the grout.

Grout Coloring

When grout has been stained and discolored to the point that it cannot be maintained or returned to its natural color, give us a call. We can restore existing grout, that is in good condition, back to its original color or any other color through a grout staining process. Restore discolored grout, even change dark colors to light. Many colors to choose from. Grout Staining will protect, waterproof, and repel stains too. This is an easy, inexpensive way to renew old grout without having to cutout and replace it. Prior to staining, we thoroughly clean the tile and grout to remove any dirt, oils, grease or sealers.